June 25, 2017

#WeWriWa Never Say Die: A Zombie Time Loop Story #zombie #paranormal #apocalyptic #groundhogday

How is your Sunday? Hope you are enjoying a trip to all the Weekend Writing Warriors! I'm continuing Never Say Die. If you recall, Cassy was bitten and then mysteriously found herself on a beach.

Opening my eyes, I prepare for the worst.
Wait a minute. I’ve been here before, months ago, before the incident, before the virus turned most of us into monsters. Why am I here?
I start to get up and realize I’m wearing the same dress I wore a lifetime ago, and my dark hair is long, hanging in waves over my shoulder. I’m also wearing my contact lenses. How long since I had a pair of those? This is some dream. Heading back down the path that had brought me here so long ago, I find my parents — my dead parents.
“Mom?” I ask, choking on the word, “Dad?”

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June 18, 2017

#WeWriWa Never Say Die: A Zombie Time Loop Story #zombie #paranormal #apocalyptic #groundhogday

Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors. We each post 8-10 (I really wanted to go for 12, but I restrained myself) sentences. If you recall, Cassy was taking on a whole hoard of zombies.

My cockiness is my demise. I see something red in the distance as a monster bites into the side of my neck and I scream in pain and rage. My glasses are knocked from my head and I fall to my knees, everything going dark. I can’t die, there are too many people counting on me, too much to do. I don’t even know if Heph got the kids out.
My legs are wet. Why are my legs wet? I smell salt, and feel a breeze. Are there breezes in hell? I suppose I could be in heaven, but I doubt they’d take me.

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June 11, 2017

#WeWriWa Never Say Die: A Zombie Time Loop Story #zombie #paranormal #apocalyptic #groundhogday

For today, as one of the Weekend Writing Warriors, I'm offering another snippet (8-10 sentences) from my Zombie Time Loop novel, Never Say Die. In the last, we learned Cassy is waiting, trying to lure the enemy in close for hand-to-hand, but what she really wants is for her friend and partner to get the hell out of the building so they can go home.

I whirl to meet my opponent, blade raised.
The brainless meat sack is fast and ugly as sin, slathered in crap and dirt, but he’ll be much prettier without that head. His black-red blood stains the snow, not mine, and I turn for his friend, adding another kill to my tally. Heph will be pissed when I pass him again.
Heph saved me, literally. I was a crying, scared, running wreck when he took me under his wing, taught me to fight, to shoot, to hot wire a car, break into a building. His total kills topped mine for a long time, but I’ve learned and I’m faster than he is. My score grew with experience, slowly matching and overtaking his death toll. I was in the lead when we left Freetown, but he got to count all the bodies he mowed down in the truck, hardly fair. This mob should be enough to push me over again.

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June 4, 2017

#WeWriWa Never Say Die: A Zombie Time Loop Story #zombie #paranormal #apocalyptic #groundhogday

Welcome to another Sunday with the Weekend Writing Warriors! It's that time when we each share 8-10 sentences for a piece, published or in progress, to lure you in. I'm continuing from the first chapter of Never Say Die. In the previous/first excerpt Cassy is baring her back to the zombies in an effort to lure them closer when they attack. Not the brightest move, but as she said in the last line last week: Sometimes we really are just a bunch of stupid kids.

Why didn’t we bring more ammunition? I’m definitely finding reloads before we head back. This city is hardly stripped at all. We aren’t here for supplies but people.
The graffiti on the wall is fresh, “We are inside.” Smart kids; the meat sacks don’t have enough sense to read, and even if they do make out the words, they don’t understand. Other kids, like Heph and me, we can read just fine.
I shiver slightly in the cold, but the tension I have coiled in muscles, ready to pounce, is keeping me warm. The icy wind ruffles my short spiky hair, and I add hats and scarves to the shopping list when we have the kids and can raid the town. What is taking Heph so long, anyway?

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May 30, 2017

Available Today! Cargon: Sovereignty #postapocalyptic renaissance #romance #specfic #scifi #fantasy

Today is the day we've spent 4 years waiting for, the completion of the Cargon trilogy! I'm so happy to share this story with you and hope all those who have cursed me at the end of each of the first two books, will forgive me as I wrap up those dropped threads. It still isn't a "happily ever after" because that's not really realistic, but I think it does leave everyone in a happier place than they started.
And if you still want to curse me, you're welcome to do so.

Grab a copy on Kindle, Nook, Kobo or iBooks. Paperbacks can be purchase in the US, but we are still waiting for other distributors to add it to their catalogs.

And here is a tease from the opening of Sovereignty.

Ducat Mark kept his eyes down as he approached the dais. Something urgent brought him here rather than taking time in the baths and meeting her tomorrow. Vanto Nancy had graciously abbreviated her report to give him the floor.
“What brings you home early?” Eve asked.
“I bring a message from Yvonne of Thalla.” He paused and licked his dark brown lips. Nervousness showed in his darting black eyes and the sweat he wiped from his palms.
The High One pursed her lips. She had a suspicion she knew what the message was. “Go on, Highness.”
“We will not conduct trade with a...” He trailed off and ran his hand through his black curls.
“A servant,” Eve finished for him. “I am not ashamed of who I am or where I came from, Highness. If our trade partners cannot accept that, we will do more business with those who will.”
“Yes, High One,” he murmured, bowing his head again. His shame at delivering the message was obvious.
Eve drummed her nails on the wooden arm of the chair. It was the same one Mother used. The plainness wasn't meant to reflect her lowly origins, only be comfortable. She looked to the table on her right where her Second should sit. Louis, however, was not present. He had attended her morning meeting, but they agreed his time was well spent in the lab.
Looking to her left, she found her secretary, Ernst Alexander. “Please make a note, Honored. I will write a letter to Thalla, thanking them for their direct and forward message.”
Ducat Mark looked up, eyes wide.
“Don't worry, Mark, I will not ask you to deliver it. I will have one of the Ernst or common messengers do so. They don't deserve the respect of one of our higher elite.” She pushed up from her chair and walked toward the Ducat. “Come, let me walk you to the baths. You have had a long trip and should rest. If you wish, you needn't come to dinner tonight.”
“I won't miss it, High One,” Mark assured her, opening the door to the humidity of the baths. Eve spied her former roommate and friend, Pearl, among the servants heating water and holding towels for elite as they finished in the tubs. The woman didn't look toward the High One, however, keeping her attention on her task.
With a hand on his shoulder, a sign of good service for those lower than him, Eve turned to go.
Mark looked at her. “High One?” he asked, confused.
She shook her head. Elite rarely touched one another. “I only wanted to thank you for all your hard work. I meant no slight.”
“None taken, High One,” he said with a broader smile. “It is an honor to represent Fontive. I only hope we have another neighbor who would welcome me.”
Eve's smile fell slightly. There likely wasn't. Mark would need a new portfolio, probably dealing with internal matters. She brightened again. “Or perhaps you can help the Second in the lab. He is powering more devices all the time and we need people to explore what is on them.”
“I would like that. Thank you, High One.”
This time, rather than disgrace him with her first response, she used the appropriate reply. She bent her knees slightly and bowed her head. “Thank you.”

May 28, 2017

#WeWriWa Never Say Die: A Zombie Time Loop Story #zombie #paranormal #apocalyptic #groundhogday

What is Groundhog Day had included zombies? I'm thrilled to offer a snippet from Never Say Die, my zombie story that was recently re-released with eBooks for Today's Teen. As all the participants in Weekend Writing Warriors, I'm sharing 8-10 sentences. You can pick up a copy of Never Say Die on all major platforms.

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I stand ready, my guard up. I know the attack could come from either side, but will most likely come from behind. They love biting into the back of a neck, breaking it if possible, that way the kill stays fresh while they feed. Disgusting creatures. I’m not about to have my blood taint the snow. However, I face the building, watching for my best friend and partner to emerge.
It’s not bright, exposing my neck, but without guns, luring them in close is the only sure way to kill them. They aren’t terribly cautious but can recognize a kid with a rifle or Glock; I have neither -- I did.
Why didn’t we bring more ammunition? I mean really, we knew what we were in for when we got outside the fence. Sometimes we really are just a bunch of stupid kids.

May 14, 2017

#WeWriWa Cargon: Honor and Privilege #fantasy #scifi #postapocalyptic

Today I have the last sentences from Chapter 1. Thank you Weekend Writing Warriors for sticking with me through it! Next week I'll start another work, possibly Never Say Die, my Zombie story. If you want to join in, it's fun and easy. Just head over to http://wewriwa.com and sign up! Also, head there to read all the great, short snippets.

Adam waited for his mother to close the door to her bedroom before leaving again for the hall. Once there, he picked up another piece. He didn't know who the girl was; he didn't know how she knew how to play, but he did not want her challenged by another. He wanted to be the one to win her, the one to challenge her. He admired her bravery but would admire her intelligence even more if she proved a worthy opponent. The game had begun.

And what a game it would be! You can grab a copy now on Amazon, Nook, Kobo or iBooks.