January 28, 2015

Mermaid 6

"What is it?" Cordelia asked, looking even more closely at the fish her father now held. It looked a bit like a Bonito, but no one would confuse the two.
"It comes from another sea, a very small one. There the water is blue."
"Have I ever been there?"
He gave the fish back to Cordelia. "A long time ago, when you hatched. This fish comes from your mother's lake."
Cordelia stared at her father in confused wonder. She didn't know anything about her mother, except that she had gone where Cordelia and her father couldn't follow. Cordelia also knew she didn't have the same mother as Dallas. Nym was her aunt, a woman she could turn to, but not a mother.
"Mother," Cordelia murmured, staring at the strange fish. "Can I go there?"

January 24, 2015

Mermaid 5

Cordelia toyed with the fish. She knew she should ask her father, but something made her hesitate.
"Anything wrong, Cordy?"
"No," she answered, stroking the mysterious fish. It didn't take her father long to notice it.
"What do you have there?" he asked, flipping his green tail and moving closer.
"Something Meri found. I've never seen one like it, but it's familiar. How can that be?"
Her father held out his hand and Cordelia gave him the fish. His eyebrows shot up and he gasped. "Where did Meri find this?"
"She said it fell from the people on the surface, off one of their boats. You do know it."
He frowned, looking angry, but his voice wasn't loud. "I don't know it," he said softly, "but I do recognize it."

January 21, 2015

Mermaid 4

Taking the fish with her, Cordelia left Meri behind as she swam to the wreck and her family. Dallas was leading his pack of friends toward the same destination.
"Hey, little sis," he said, moving toward her. His friends followed and soon she was surrounded by bodies and tails. More than one brushed her as they passed.
"Hi, Dallas," she said without enthusiasm. "What are all of you doing here?"
"Hunting!" One shouted and then all the boys started yelling and chasing one another. Cordelia used the commotion to escape into the wreck.
"Dallas?" Father called. "Are you coming to further ruin our home?"
Cordelia laughed, imaging the boys doing just that. "Not yet," she answered, "but they are circling outside, waiting to strike."
Father emerged from his hidden corner of the wreck, his strong broad shoulders nearly brushing the collapsed opening. "Are they now? Well, I shall have to barricade you in here so they can't find you." His smile made light of the threat, teasing her.

January 17, 2015

Mermaid 3

Meri grabbed for the fish, but Cordelia held it tight.
"It's mine," Meri whined.
Cordelia blinked, chasing away thoughts and memories. Looking at the scales, the dead eye, she passed it back to her friend.
"I'm sorry. Of course it's yours."
Meri held the dead fish to her chest for a moment, hugging it. Then she looked at it again and wrinkled her nose. "If you want it..." She held it out to her friend.
Cordelia took it slowly, turning it over and over. Fish, rolling, blue.
"Are you okay?" Meri asked, touching Cordelia's shoulder. "I didn't think you would be this interested in it."
Cordelia shook her head and apologized again. "I'm sorry. There something familiar about it, even though I'm sure I've never seen one like it. How can that be?
Meri shrugged. "Think your dad would know?"
"It doesn't hurt to ask."

January 14, 2015

Mermaid 2

Meri poked her green head out of the coral, right where Cordelia expected. "Don't be a spoil sport," Meri teased. "Come in!" The head popped out of sight again and Cordelia swam to follow. Turning onto her back, she looked up at the brilliant sun overhead. It nearly blinded the mermaid that was so used to the dark. Light reached her home at the bottom of the sea, but only a little and filtered. This pierced the water, like a knife cutting through to Cordelia's eyes.
Cordelia squeezed her eyes shut. When she opened them next, she was in the coral next to Meri.
"Look at this," her friend said, knocking out a piece of coral to reveal her treasure. "It's very different, very human."
Human garbage was constantly sinking, polluting the ocean. Even the wreck Cordelia lived in was something deposited by the people on land. Most of it, the merfolk simply ignored, but this was different.
"What is it?" Cordelia asked. The fish was dead but looked as though it might start swimming again any moment. That freshness made it clear to both mermaids that this wasn't any species they had seen. "Where did it come from?"
Meri shook head head. "I don't know. It fell from one of their boats."
Cordelia continued to turn the fish over in her hands. She was sure she had never seen one like it, but at the same time, it was familiar, like something she couldn't quite remember.

January 3, 2015

Mermaid 1

I'm trying something this new year. I once did well posting fanfiction serially. That is, I would post in advance of finishing a piece. Today, I'm starting a story based on an idea my daughter (age 8) gave me. She wants a mermaid story. Bear with me, as I'm sure this won't be a smooth ride, but I will try to post between 100-500 words twice a week. Let's see where it goes.

Cordelia chased Meri, her tail flicking as fast as she could. Her green scales blended into the algae floating in the water, though not as nicely as Meri's. Neither of them would draw notice from any of the people on the surface, their blue-green skin and green hair camouflaged them perfectly.
Meri had been Cordelia's friend since Cordelia had hatched, the tiniest of merfolk. Meri was already twice as long as Cordelia, a whole year older, but now, the two were not very different. Meri was still faster, though, which made this particular game a challenge.
Meri slipped into a reef of coral and Cordelia circled to slow herself.
"No fair!" she called. Meri practically lived in this particular reef and knew where all the openings were. Cordelia had only ever found one. Her home, with her father and brother, was in an old shipwreck. Meri had no trouble finding her way around Cordelia's house.

November 27, 2014

Being Held Hostage by Authors

I'm going to go on a little rant, if no one minds. I'm really tired of authors who end their first books so that there is no satisfaction unless you buy and read the next book. A cliff-hanger, sure, but only AFTER you've wrapped some things up, so I don't feel completely hung out to dry.
I know this seems a bit hypocritical given how Cargon: Honour and Privilege ends, but I would argue that only proves my point. The heroine does reach some of her goals. She doesn't have everything she wants, so you want to read book two to see how she succeeds, but you can stop at the end of Book 1 and know that she had a perfectly fine existence.
One of the two books that have me on edge ended with a memory wipe. So from the point of view of the heroine absolutely nothing happened. This would be fine if there was some concrete closure that she doesn't remember, but no. No, we don't know why the guy who loved her sold her out. We don't know what the creepy girl can do. We don't even know what happens to the antagonist. Crappy ending.
The other literally ends with the heroine on the gallows, the floor falls out and she thinks this is what death feels like. SERIOUSLY? I know the author will say, but you just have to read the next book. No, screw you, you put a cut in the middle of a single longer book and I'm not amused. Now, from my point of view, because I now refuse to read any more of the series, the heroine dies, the hero is a dick only slightly less of an ass than his brother, and the kingdom will continue to be run by sick despots who like torturing people.
Both of these could have very easily left me with a more complete ending. The first, as I mentioned, could have had some closure that she then forgets. I mean, hey, that's a perfect set up for her to discover in a new way in the next book. The latter could have had the hero actually stand up for the girl, admit that he has feelings for her, and then fail to save her from hanging. Then at least I wouldn't feel so utterly disappointed.
I understand that you want to write a series and encourage people to buy the next book, but holding me hostage doesn't do that. It pisses me off and ensures I don't look for your books in the future.