April 26, 2011

What I SHOULD be doing

I've subscribed to a number of blogs with writing advice and I'm always happy to read them, half make me respond: Yes! I'm doing that! I need to keep doing that.
The other half fall into two camps: Hmmm, I could do that, I'll make sure to remember it. AND Oh, I don't think that would work with my WIP. Which is fine, not every technique works with everything.

This brings me to this long weekend, in which I did... nothing. Okay, I wrote 400 words and posted some fanfiction that's been hanging around on my harddrive. Not my best showing ever. To my defense, I got a NASTY stomach bug that has me out of work today (that's why I'm posting on Tuesday instead of Wednesday), but that doesn't excuse Friday, when I felt fine, or Saturday, when all I did was drive. Driving is usually PRIME writing time! Why my 'day job' is perfect. I spend all winter working part time (using Wednesdays and Fridays for my housekeeping and writing) and in the summer we drive five hours to Fort McMurray every other week, plus an hour to or between sites. Tons of time to daydream, imagine plot lines, flesh out characters.

So you would think, a three hour drive to Calgary, I would get something going on one of my two Works In Progress. Nope. Instead, I have started creating a new fantasy world and explored situations and characters there. pbbbbblllt on me. Two stories at the 1/2 and 1/3 mark, and I'm off chasing new ideas.

Here's a blog shout out to Haley Whitehall (@haleywhitehall) Deadre Krieger (@dfkrieger) and B (@burdenedThunder). They've each taken a look at my writing/ideas in the last week and given me advice on where to take the WIP that isn't budging. I really appreciate it, ladies!

Here's the sych. One WIP is a High School Ghost story. It has a nice premise, rocking characters, but I didn't really outline a resolution, so... I'm looking at what I thought the resolution would be and second and third guessing it. I'm also a little worried that I'm hitting it too hard, too fast. That I'm going to wrap up the story too quickly and neatly. The SAME promblem is coming in the sequel to Cargon. Here I thank Kristin Lamb (@kristinlambTX) for my complex. The antagonist is elusive. Society is the antagonist. That should be fine, I should be able to make that work, except... how do you resolve society?!?! Again, my tendancy toward discovery writing, rather than regimented plotting, is kicking my rear. I know what they're going to discover, I know how she's going to find an 'out', but I'm still uncertain on how to get there, how fast is too fast. etc.

So what am I doing? Writing a new fantasy where humans are cattle. Oh yea, that's a great idea, Kim. *facepalm* I will be working more with these WIP at set intervals, and hoping that 400-1000 words at a time, the ideas will mull in my quirky head long enough that I feel more confident in where I'm taking them and how I'm getting there. In the meantime, any alpha readers/writing groups out there looking for a YA writer to join? *wink wink nudge nudge*


  1. *waves*

    I think its fantastic that you are finding good tidbits from various blogs. But I think reading other blogs and being on Twitter is more about the interactions and relationship building.

    Just like if we met at a coffee shop our conversation wouldn't necessarily revolve around our writing endeavors, I think similarly our virtual selves should also be able to make 'small talk' and connect with fellow aspiring authors. Ya know?

  2. I got a shout-out! *Does a happy dance* :)

    Yes, blogs and Twitter and the like are suppose to be a social media, but they are also a source for mental light bulbs. There's been more than one time I've read someone's stuff and went *Ding* "Ooooooh!"

    Don't worry Kimmy, you've got a great line going with the story I looked over. I believe you can wrangle it into doing what you want.

  3. Thank you so much for the shout out and link to my blog. I really appreciate it.

    I've also subscribed to a number of writing blogs. I get good ideas from them and even if I can't apply the advice to my WIPs they always make me think.

    I'm glad your High School Ghost story is going better. If you want to brainstorm on your society as an antagonist problem you can gmail chat with me any time.