November 11, 2011

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Thanks right, I got a review! I'm pretty excited, especially because it is so positive. Here is an excerpt:
This book is impossible to describe…you simply must read it. The author is very descriptive but at the same time very vague. We don’t know where they are, we don’t even know what time period this is in, we are simply given clues. For example, they talk briefly of stories told about buildings higher than the trees that look like skeletons and paths made of tar-like substances that seem to go on for miles and miles. The characters are regularly excited about things such the use of steam engines…it’s like a neo-steampunk era!
I like to call Cargon a post-apocalyptic renaissance. Neo-steampunk is a pretty awesome description. Thanks so much, Susan. To read her whole review, head over to MyVampFiction. While you're there, if you're over 18 and have a strong constitution, you might want to check out my novella Blue Moon House which is posted there. You'll have to hit the story link yourself... age consent and all that. If that's not your thing, there is other original fiction in the dungeon and more reviews on the main site.

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