March 11, 2012


In an attempt to hold off the incredibly heavy mood that is plaguing me, I'm going to write about something that is uplifting. Good idea, right? Okay, here we go.

Lately I've been petitioning schools and public libraries to offer myself and my book for their students/patrons. I did a reading at one Junior High School and Smoky Lake Library in February. I sold only four copies of my book, but those go into circulation with the chance to be read by potentially hundreds of readers. That's a happy thought for someone who isn't counting in dollars but in readers.

The other happy thought comes from the responses I get when I read aloud. I'm fortunate to not have stage fright. I'm not the most lively reader, but I like to think I'm better than a droning monotone. Certainly people listening to me seem to enjoy the readings. Also, people are keen to take my bookmark home (although I've gotten very few sales from those).

Overall, the one-on-one or one-on-few groups give me a sense of pride in my work that I often lose when I'm alone at the computer. Reading Cargon again, reminds me how much I enjoyed telling that story and still don't tire of reading it.

I don't have a lot of marketing strategies. I tried signings but just lost money at it. I tried blogging more regularly and actively but didn't see that generating anything for me. I tried hunting for reviews and found people wanting money or hard copies, either of which didn't sound like a good business decision. Readings are definitely where it's at for me. I'll continue to pitch to teachers and librarians in my area and hope this ball will finally start rolling for me. At the very least, I'll take heart in the reactions I receive and get the lift to keep going.

Thank you, Hillcrest School and Smoky Lake Library for hosting me in February. Your attentiveness meant more to me than you would guess.

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  1. As you seem to already notice, getting noticed is hard. LOL. I'm glad you can do readings, I'd be scared out of my mind!