April 15, 2012

Done Deal

Meet Angelica Dawson.

After deliberation, I have decided to pursue publishing my erotic fiction under her name. Her blog is not intended to be erotic, rather it will be about blogs and blogging. I'm hoping to learn something through her to bring to my blogs here. If you follow my blog and would be interested in being reviewed on hers, let either of us know: kimmydonn@gmail.com or authorangelicadawson@gmail.com

Angelica is also available on twitter (@angelicadawson) and on facebook. Please help me be a dual genre success rather than failure! :D

Note: this will be the only time I mention Angelica Dawson by name on this blog.

1 comment:

  1. Wow, I just now realized this was you. *head/desk* I totally need to read your blog stuffies more often. I'm feeling like such a heel!