February 7, 2015

Mermaid 8

"The very best chance. The tide was high and I was as reckless as your brother."
Cordelia chuckled. Dallas was always getting in trouble that Father had to save him from.
"I was pushing the edge, swimming to the new flooded beach, watching the people on land."
Cordelia nodded. The surface people were fascinating if you could get past their tendency to use the ocean as a waste bin. Cordelia hadn't gotten past that yet, not really.
"Were they dumping?" she asked, voice hard.
Father laughed. "No. They were fishing though." That made Cordelia mad too, but less so. Big fish ate little fish and big shore people needed to eat too, she supposed.
"Did any catch you?" she asked, teasing.
"No, but someone else did."

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