May 28, 2011

No Backbone

I should be posting another blog entry for Project Backbone, but instead I'm celebrating my Irrestiably Sweet Blog Award

D.F. Krieger Surprised me this morning by giving me this.

The rules of the blog state that:
1) You link the person who sent it to you
2) List seven random facts about yourself
3) Pass the award on to 15 other awesome blog buddies
4) Contact them and let them know

Hmmm, maybe I can make these controvertial!

  • I work parttime because I jealously guard my time alone. I'm an extreme introvert that could probably go weeks without TALKING to another living soul. Just don't ask me to go without a writing device and I'd REALLY like to be able to chat online.
  • I used to go to church regularly, but sometime during my university education, my views on God and religion changed enough to make wholesale swallowing of Christianity difficult. I don't go to church at all anymore, although I still believe in God.
  • I had a steady boyfriend for four years that I thought I would marry and am SO happy I didn't. This is both because my husband is a truly wonderful man that I wouldn't give up for anything and because, once I had some distance from him, my ex is a retard! Okay, maybe that's harsh, but he's not very bright, wasn't especially sympathetic or caring, and well, I was saved big time when he dumped me.
  • I just bought my first house last year in October. That in and of itself isn't controvertial at all, but I am a firm believer in fighting urban sprawl, a serious problem for Edmonton, so I made sure to get a house with bus service to my office and am thrilled to have found one that allows me to WALK to work. It takes about 30 minutes, so I don't do it in bad weather, but it is wonderful to have a lovely OLD, well built, lasted for 60 years and no reason not to last another 60 years, house. That's right, my house was built in the fifties and still has the original tile in the kitchen and hardwood in the dining room/living room. I LOVE IT.
  • I hate #FF. I try to do it because I really appreciate all the people I'm networking with, and most of them I have found or have found me through Follow Friday or Writers Wednesday. And yet, I detest it. I hate all the tweets with nothing but a list of names. I hate typing in all the names I want to include. And I REALLY hate the bots that will do it for you. I refuse to use one. I might, when my book is published, just to let each follower know where it's available, etc. But I will use it and remove it. Too impersonal.
  • Blogging feels weird to me. I don't feel at all qualified to give advice. I think all my posts are inane and obvious. I worry that I'm self-centered and/or no one cares what I post. Given the response to my last post, the last is NOT true, but I still worry.
  • I will never pick a genera. :D I love to test myself, to experiment, to try my limits. So my writing will never all fall into one genera. I've already accepted that. Most of what I am writing now is Young Adult, but my second complete manuscript isn't, and my next idea is definitely not. I have contemporary, recent past, fanatasy, future. I deal with paranormal, sexual abuse, slavery/captivity, social hierarchies... I don't want to fit in a box. I know that means branding is going to be impossible for me, and I'm ready to accept that. I haven't tried tackling mystery and I don't know that I'd be any good at it (I'm not much of a reader of fantasy) but hope to move into horror and historical fiction at some point. I also expect I will write a true 'romance' novel at some point. All my stories have contained some aspect of romance, but none of them are straight up 'boy-and-girl' stories. I have written fanfiction erotica and expect I will write something of that ilk as well. Sky's the limit!

    Huh, that's seven already. Well, let me ask some questions based on those for my readers to answer:

    Do you work full time? Wish you worked parttime? Stay at home mom and love that? (It's something I couldn't manage.)

    Are you religious? Are you a theist? Has that changed? Why?

    Do you have any past relationships you wish you had kept? Are you glad they're in the past? Do you have any regrets?

    Are you a homeowner? Do you NEED a house with a yard or is an apartment/condo enough for you? Are you a lover of open spaces? Do you cringe to see houses cover the countryside?

    Do you #FollowFriday? If not, why not? Sometimes? How often? How do you choose who to include?

    Do you have blog? Do you wish you had a blog? Do you wish someone else would write your blog for you? :D Wait, that last is pretty obviously a yes, isn't it?

    What's your genera? Are you flexible? Have you tried others? Do you already have a brand you're sticking to?

    And finally, here are the fifteen blogs I am giving this award to:

    1. Thank you for the award! How very sweet of you! (See what I did there?) ;)

      I agree with you on #ff. I won't do it. Sorry. I interact with the followers I appreciate and enjoy tweeting with. If they need me to throw them in a list every Friday to feel appreciated, then they're not the kind of people I enjoy interacting with anyway. And it fills up my @mention feed all day every Friday. Just anonymous lists of people with my name in there somewhere. When I see those, I'm not flattered. I'm annoyed.

    2. Wow, you certainly posted this with a twist. I love your facts. Thanks for the link back ;)

      To answer your questions in order: 1) I'm a stay at home mom. The only reason I put up with it is because its the only way I can write as much as I need to. Well that and play video games :P

      2) I'm a pagan. I've been one for 12 years. Not to step on any bodies toes who believes in God, but I've had a lot more obvious results to my prayers since I started praying to the Goddess. I used to be Christian, but a REALLY bad thing happened to me that changed my views.

      3)The only thing I regret about my past relationships is that they even happened at all. I wish 99.9% of them hadn't!

      4) I would love to be a home owner, and plan to try in 2013. I'm a country girl at heart and this city crap sickens me. I want the countryside again!

      5) I don't generally do #FF or #WW. I realized its a waste of time. Most the people I follow already follow each other.

      6) You already know the answer to this for me. I'm glad no one else writes my blog. I think I'd be less proud of the posts. ^.^

      7) I bounce all over the place too, so I expect it'll create some problems (and maybe a pen name) in the future. AH well, we'll deal with it when we get there!

    3. Answers!

      1) I freelance. The summer-ftmom thing is interesting; the main thing is not alienating each other for the rest of our lives...

      2) Agnostic. Used to be Catholic. Sick of people who put words in a hypothetical deity's mouth.

      3) I had one I was angry about, but it worked out, and I'm glad she's back in my life, now that we're both a bit more mature. But others I'm glad are gone.

      4) My spouse and I own a house; it has a yard in the middle of town, and I hate the location. I don't actually need it; my ideal would be a monkish existence on the edge between civilization and wilderness, but I doubt my spouse would go for it.

      5) No, I don't #FF; it just fills up my account, and that's not how I decide how to follow people. I follow people who get RT'd by people I know, so I RT a lot of people I want others to follow.

      6) Blog yes! Someone else write no!

      7) I don't write thrillers, westerns, or Christian. Yet. I have a pseudonym for under-12 stuff, and I'm planning another for cozy mysteries.

    4. Gah, my long comment got eaten! Thank you so much for thinking of me for the award. And I love your seven random facts. They are so interesting, and food for thought as well.