May 11, 2011

Writing from the field

This should be a specialty of mine. The last couple of days, I haven't done as much writing as I would have on the same day last summer, but I did write several pages on the drive up (probably around 2000 words) that SHOULD be the base for a fantasy short story. Sadly, I have done little writing. I've done a lot of sleeping.

If you're like most people, a strange bed does not make for good sleep. Normally, I would agree with you. This week, this is the BEST BED I HAVE EVER HAD. I lie down at 9:30 and zonk until 6:15 or so - just before my wake-up call. It's been amazing. This sudden sleepiness has been detrimental to the writing as well. I used to write in the evenings after returning from dinner, sometimes until 11 or midnight. Stupid when I need to be up at 6, but productive! This trip, not so much.

Tomorrow I have the long drive home. Five hours... the first three through uninterrupted boreal forest. Hopefully, I'll get a little more written on one of my WIPs. Worse case, I'll brew up something new to work on, or add another layer to the short story that wants to be a novel. Worst of all cases, I'll pass out in the back seat and wakeup when we reach civilization.

This is a terrible blog post, all about me, me, me. Sorry about that. I could tell you about the beautiful rainbows I saw yesterday, or the wind that is ripping through the area, stirring duststorms today. I think that wouldn't be better though. I could drop names like Alicia Golden who I'm working with through Fictionista Workshops. Oh, that's a good idea. I'm hoping to be able to join one of their writing collectives or have my next finished piece workshopped with them (that is if I don't find a LOCAL group by then - grumble).

So, please comment. Tell me that keeping a regular posting schedule does not mean posting crap like this. Tell me that I need to stop whining and write in advance. Tell me I need to actually think about writing to write a writing blog. Tell me I need to research. Tell me I'm a double rainbow kinda girl! I don't know, tell me something. I'll be over here, trying not to fall asleep on this comfy bed... zzzzz

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  1. Ummm, but I've noticed posting blogs like this actually get more people actively involved in reading a blog.... You are, however, a double rainbow kinda gal (as long as that's a good thing and not Canadian slang for something very bad!). Glad your bed treated you well!