August 31, 2011

Fictionista Workshopping!

Last season (Spring) I participated in a Fictionista Workshop for Alicia Golden's Coven of the Willow. It was great. We had a good group, ideas flew, we suggested some big changes to the story and Alicia was keen on most of them.

This fall, I'm on the block! The Girl Who Haunts Me (and please participants give me a better title than that!) is going to be read and critiqued by five other writers/readers, edited, fact checked, characters and voice examined... pretty much the works. I can't wait. I'm a glutton for critique pain. I love having someone tell me exactly what is wrong with what I've written, giving me ideas how to make it better. Often I won't take the exact suggestions, but it will spark and even BETTER idea from me.

Tonight, I have a Skype call with the other Authors who are putting their books on the table and next week I have the first conference call with my group. Did I mention I can't wait?

I was warned that my group might jump up and down on Bekah, my black, buxom, attitude to the max, somewhat racist alternate love interest. There are so many parts of this story that I'm willing to kill, but she might be my darling. She is such an interesting character who adds so much to the dynamic between the others. I really hope my group gives her a fair chance. She does get better!

Have you had a workshop or critique that was difficult? One that was amazing in the outcome? One that was a breeze? Share your workshopping stories.

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