January 3, 2012

Coffee time

"Ah, there you are, User298. It seems like it's been minutes since we've met. How can I help you? "

"My user would like to open those pictures in the Summer 2008 folder. Do you think I could access it?"

"Of course you can. Why don't you sit down while I fetch it for you."

"You are a dear, User 021. Are those cookies?"

"They are! Would you like one?"

"It seems I have dozens of my own, but this one looks very tasty, thank you."

"Now be careful with that one, it's hot and I'm pretty sure someone popped in here while I was sleeping to check on it! Can you imagine! And me in just my screen saver."

"No! How concerning. Do you think it's an attacker?"

"Just some peeper. Don't you worry yourself, User298. Now what were you looking for again?"

"The pictures in folder... Oh dear, nevermind, User021. It seems my user doesn't want them any longer. I don't know why she does that. Why would you ask to see something and then just walk away?"

"I don't know, User 298. Oh! But there's my user looking for the same folder. Here, you enjoy the tea and I'll be right back."

What I imagine happens when my coworker tries to access my transfer folder.

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