January 22, 2012

Flash Fiction

As you may have noticed, I don't blog much. However, there are few blogs that I LOVE to frequent. Why? Because they give me inspiration through tiny bursts of creativity. There is a whole week worth of flash fiction contests out there:

Menage Monday
I admit, I haven't participated in this one yet. Mondays are busy....

Five Minute Fiction
I've missed out on this one a lot because I work on Tuesdays and the contest is limited to a 15 minute window (hence the name).

Humpday Challenge
Another I haven't participated in myself, but enjoyed following.

Thursday Threads
Relatively new.

Friday Picture Show
A picture is worth 100 words, exactly, if you please.

Other blogs I turn to for writing inspiration?
Haley Whitehall gives us a challenge every month.
The Word Count Podcast covers a variety of themes and prompts. It also lets you HEAR your fellow authors, how cool!
Picture Prompt Writing Challenge I have had several characters jump out of these prompts for repeat appearances and ongoing writing opportunities. You should consider joining us by writing a piece using one or both pictures every week!

So, there you have it. Write a little, inspire a lot. It's amazing how much punch you can get from less than 500 words, truly.

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