May 29, 2012

Song of Freedom - Faerytaleish Pinterest Contest

The cackling would have frozen the blood of a lesser man, but James had no fear. Chin thrust out, he faced the dark fairy, determined to earn freedom for himself.

“You want me to curse them?” she asked, still laughing. She was beautiful in her dire form. Her hair was as soft and grey as shadows, her eyes glinting like moonlight. Her skin was pale, opalescent in the setting sun which gave fire to her lips, normally the dark blue of a night sky. She stopped laughing to purse those lips, regarding him.

“And what will you give me?” she asked, taking a step closer. “For that matter, why call on me? You could curse them yourself, you have the magic.” Her fingers, thin and bony as a skeleton, reached out to brush his well muscled arm.

“My magic is all in music. They will not let me play.”

“Ah,” she said in a quick inhale. “I think I fully understand both problem and solution. Kiss me, and I will grant your wish.”

James had no fear. His mother had always chided him, “Jiminy, you’re going to end at the bottom of a cliff if you have no care for your path.” However, he couldn’t care, not locked in the home as he was. His only freedom had brought him to the dark fairy.

Closing his eyes, he was sure you closed your eyes when you kissed someone, he leaned his lips in toward the fairy’s. They were cool and moist like morning dew. He had an odd floating sensation and then heard a high pitched whine.

The cackle returned, and James opened his eyes to see what his wish had wrought. Falling in surprise he landed on a branch to examine his new body. Then he sang with joy.

This is my entry to the pinterest contest. Be sure to check out all the other fabulous entries as well as the hundreds of amazing pictures on the pinterest board.


  1. Oh, the cost of trading with fairies worked out well for Jiminy. Thanks for entering!

    1. Thanks for the comment and the contest!

  2. Awww that was so sweet - thanks for that.

  3. And the backstory of Jiminy Cricket is finally revealed. Nicely done! I enjoyed that.

  4. This has a totally delightful twist which (despite the name) I was absolutely not expecting. Fab!