June 22, 2011

Press Release

Rather than write my own post, I thought I'd share the press release that Martin Sisters is distributing.


For Edmonton’s Kimberly Gould, being a wife, mother and working as an environmental consultant didn’t quite fill her 24-hour day. The 34-year-old Medicine Hat native has busied herself with creative endeavors through writing with successful results. Just a few short months ago the University of Alberta alumna was offered and accepted a publishing contract for her first novel.

“Cargon, Honour & Privilege,” was released by United States-based Martin Sisters Publishing, LLC in mid June. Since then, Gould has been looking forward to several book-launching events in and around Edmonton as well as her hometown of Medicine Hat, where she is remembered as Kimberly Dell.

The novel, which was created from a dream Gould had about a girl playing a game called Cargon repeatedly with her life wagered on every move, is a look into the future of humanity in a place where life is technologically more simple but socially more complicated. Eve, a clever young woman takes a risk and plays the game that will redirect her life as well as the lives around her. “Cargon, Honour & Privilege,” is set in a future Earth where all technology has ceased to function.
Gould, true to her environmental ideals, hopes Cargon will give readers a glimpse into a future unknown.

“I hope readers will take a moment to wonder what would happen if all our wonderful gadgets stopped working, if we no longer had printed books, if our children continued to take power – electrical power for granted ,” Gould said. “I hope they will question their place in society and consider trying to reach beyond expectations.”

Gould knew at an early age, growing up in Medicine Hat, she wanted to write and even began writing a first novel in the tenth grade. Like most, whose dreams are given up to achieve more lucrative endeavors, she abandoned it during her sophomore year while at University. After a while, she could no longer quell her yearning to be a novelist, so in 2009 she sat down to put that dream on paper once again.
While finding a publisher is difficult for any new writer, through a series of connections and what she refers to “as a stroke of good luck,” found Martin Sisters Publishing.

“I had been rejected by a number of agents and hadn’t submitted to any publishers,” Gould said. “I had entered a writing contest and won – the contest coordinator suggested that I submit to Martin Sisters Publishing and after browsing their Web site, I thought she was right.”

Gould’s debut is certainly a milestone in her budding career as a novelist but she’s only getting started. Her next novel has already been accepted by Martin Sisters Publishing and they’re hoping to see a sequel to Cargon, Honour & Privilege.
For other aspiring writers, Gould gives simple but valuable advice. “Let people read what you write. If you keep it all to yourself, the rest of us lose out.”
Gould lives in Edmonton with her husband Allen and daughter Delilah. She credits them for giving her the time and strength to pursue her love of writing. Print and e-versions of “Cargon, Honour & Privilege,” can be found at www.amazon.com and www.googlebooks.com and can also be ordered through most retail bookstores.

To learn more about Gould’s work or to find out when she will be bringing “Cargon, Honour & Privilege” to a venue near you, visit her Web site at www.kimmydonn.com or her publisher’s Web site www.martinsisterspublishing.com

How cool. :) Oh, and the link to Amazon there is for the Kindle version. THIS is the paper copy. I will eventually get something on my website for purchasing signed copies, but until I HAVE my copies, I figure I have time to figure it out. Or, rather, to let that awesome techie hubs of mine figure it out. Also cool? My first review on Amazon. :) It's a good one not a bad one. I expect those will follow... Not too soon, I hope.


  1. Put me on the "signed copy" waiting list!

  2. Congrats. And it was neat learning all that stuff about you as a person! The story looks all kinds of awesome and interesting.