June 29, 2011

Slight Delay

The first time down any road you are likely to find more bumps than road. Publishing my first novel has not been THAT bad, thankfully, but I am learning along with my Publisher, Martin Sisters Publishing, as I'm their first novel as well. They have knowledge and experience in the publishing world that is invaluable to me, but I'm the first novel that they've taken through the process on their own. It's inevitable that we'll find some snags.
We just found one.
Turns out you 'can't' order my book at your local bookstore... yet. It takes time for the distributor to update their systems and share that update with all the stores they distribute to. Martin Sisters Publishing does distribute through Ingram, one of the biggest distributors of books out there, and that means that my book will be available easily to almost everyone, but it isn't, yet. Just as I was surprised to find my book up on google books, I'm surprised to find it not in the system of the store I normally order through (Indigo.ca). Now I know why and I know that it's just a matter of time, a few more weeks, until it IS in those systems. Suddenly, my slight disappointment at booking a signing so far in advance (September) is actually relief. The store WILL be able to order in copies and fans WILL be able to come back and ask for my book and FIND it!
*sigh of relief*
So, if you're looking to purchase Cargon in your hometown and wondering why it isn't there yet, that's why. I'll post another announcement when it IS listed with Indigo.ca and/or Barnes&Noble and/or Border, et al.

I'm also sad to say you can't order signed copies yet. All members of this house are suffering from a sinus cold, so my techie husband hasn't put the finishing touches on that webpage yet. I'm sure it won't be much longer. It was well on it's way the last time any of us felt good (Friday?). That link will be on the left with the Cargon info.

*cough cough* I'm going to go make some tea now. *cough, sniffle*

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