July 4, 2011

Keeping Up To Date

I need to stay in the habit of posting on my blog! I don't have a lot of news from my end of the world. I just started a week of vacation to be spent at home. That's very good as today I woke up feeling like my head had been put through a grinder. I'm still not feeling up to snuff, but I'm out of bed, Yay!

Someone who does have a bunch of news is Jennifer Barry. Her book Side Effects has a cover and a video! Click that link for her blog and check them out.

We're one step closer to having signed copies of Cargon available for sale. Allen has the PayPal link all set up on my basic homepage. Unfortunately it is not including the cost of shipping. So, for now, I have the basic addition for shipping in Canada and the US for single copies. However, because international customers just get the Canadian rate... I've had to take the button down again. If you plan on ordering more than one or live somewhere outside North America, please email me and let me know (kimmydonn@gmail.com). I'll figure something out. In the meantime, we'll try to get this thing working. It seems American PayPal customers get a nice built-in shipping calculator, but Canucks have to flat-rate it, and we'd have to do that for each currency... it's looking like a mess really. We're unimpressed. Anyone with experience selling and shipping through Paypal who does NOT live in the US, I'd love to hear from you. Comments or email.

My daughter is feeling independent. Ideal for Independence and Dominion days (that's Canada day, for those who didn't know), but not ideal for parents who just want her to go to sleep, or eat her supper, or clean up her toys. We've had more than one blow out this weekend where she was 'asked' to go to her room and think about what she'd said/done. Yay for four year-olds! Big enough to think for themselves, but too small to let them run wild and learn from their own mistakes. Oh, trust me, she learning some from mistakes, but not the 'I'm going to run away from mom and dad into the street' kind. Fine line.

Okay, off to start puzzling out shipping rates.

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