July 25, 2011


I have completed my seventh 10+ hour day in the field. Over that time, I've broken my usual policy of writing/editing something everyday. Usually, I would write in the truck. Three out of those seven days I did, writing in my notebook. However, I've gotten very little written that way (700 words?). We have been SO late getting back to our rooms after dinner I haven't had time to call my family, so I haven't taken the time to open any files for transcrption (from notebook) or editting. I'm just too tired and well... brain-fried.

Have you ever worn a hard hat in the hot sun? It feels like your head is being slowly cooked and squeezed to press out any juices. It hasn't been like that everyday up here, in fact, there were only two really hot and sunny days. However, the feeling that my brain might have melted and be oozing out of my ear has been with me everyday.

Despite the punishing schedule, I have posted to my blog twice, written in my notebook on three occasions and participated in a writing workshop (fictionistaworkshop.com) which I would file under editing. So I probably only completely slacked two of those seven days. I'm looking forward to getting home and being on vacation so I can boost that word count and start really working on something.

Unfortunately, I'll only have a few days before I turn around and head to Medicine Hat for my sister's wedding. I'm happy to go to that!! but the heat down there is going to fry my brain further. Some zombie is getting a nice home-cooked meal, I'm telling you...


  1. Yes, I had to wear a dark blue hard hat in the hot summer heat of Virginia for three months, standing around a construction site taking photographs, then going back to the trailer and work on editing and organizing them for the engineer I worked for. The trailer never got below 80 degrees, and I had a beeping "tornado" warning device on my right constantly making a soft, but annoyingly audible beep....beep....beep sound. After awhile, I could tune it out, but going back out on the site and back in, I would have to tune it out all over again.

    I kept 800 mg Motrin in my drawer at that job :)

  2. I carry a voice activated recorder so I can dictate. A notebook was simply too cumbersome as much as I'm on the road. I can dictate even as I'm working and transcribe on my "down" time.