July 6, 2011

Can't Get It Right

I blame my ignorance, but only have myself to blame for not getting the information I needed. Throughout my publishing process I've been timid, reluctant. When I was offered a contract, I didn't say anything until the contract arrived, afraid of jinxing it. When I had a contract, I didn't have a release date, and that was everyone's favourite question to ask. Now I have a 'partial' release. The book is available, but it hasn't passed through the distributor. Also, I haven't gotten my end up and running so I can sell signed copies from home.
I have set up facebook pages for my book and myself, but have stumbled in trying to make them anything more than the templates provide. Several people have helped me spread the word through twitter, but I've had to back off major announcements while I wait for availability. I'm left wishing I hadn't said anything to anyone. Maybe I should have just waited until September and started everything then, when the book was well and truly released, when it was available everywhere, I hope, when I could have put together things to help launch it.
That latter, I have nothing. Am I just unimaginative? I look at book videos and merchandise and think, what can I do like that? And nothing comes to mind. Perhaps it's me. I think, "book." As a consumer, that's all I'm looking for, the book. I have this blog, but it's more about me than about my book. (Although, as you might have noticed, a lot of my time and attention is going to writing.)
Overall, I think I get an F in self-promotion. I can't get it right. I can tell my friends and family, and get pats on the back, but I just can't roll this ball. There are lots of resources out there. I've read blogs, but I'll admit to being overly-frugal and not buying the books that would help me. See, my own fault. I also suffer from a lack of desire. I don't want to sell me. I don't even really want to sell my book. I want to share my book. I want people to know that there's this really cool story out there about a girl who plays her way into a better life that isn't a better life. I don't want to cram it down people's throats. I don't want to stand on a soapbox and shout until I'm hoarse. I don't want to be gimmicky or kitchy or anything like that. I wrote a book. I want people to enjoy it.
I just can't get it right.

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