March 7, 2015

Mermaid 16

"Father says she won't come to the ocean anymore."
That led to more questions and answers about Cordelia's birth and how she could find her mother.
"Your father will help you? That's awesome. You have to go. How cool would it be to find meet her?"
"And scary," Cordelia added.
"Scary? Why?"
"We don't know what mountain water is like. Here we know about the sharks and killer whales and avoid them, but what lives in the rivers and lakes of mountain water?"
Meri didn't answer immediately, but when she did, it was supportive. "I'm sure you'll know what's dangerous." Her smile grew. "It's probably in your scales," she teased, flicking her tail against Cordelia's. There was a difference between them, Cordelia's being very slightly bluer.
Maybe Meri was right.

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