March 31, 2015

Mermaid 23

Cordelia let go of her tail and began drifting downstream. She grabbed for the beam, preventing her from drifting far. She flicked her tail, working out the cramps that had settled in while she rested.
“How do you stand it?” she asked the little fish around her, not expecting an answer.
“You learn where the breaks are.
Cordelia released the beam, swimming in circles looking for the merfolk that must be near. She saw no one and began her trek upstream again.
“You weren’t far from one,” the voice said again.
“Where are you?” she asked, searching.
“Hold still. I’m right here.” One of the gobbie swam into her shoulder, butting her.
“You?” she asked, cradling the fish while she fought the current. “How can you speak?”
“Dragon gobbies aren’t like other,” he explained. “Follow me.”

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