April 1, 2015

A to Z challenge - April Fool

So, I heard there is this challenge to bloggers. I don't have details and I'm not part of a group, but I thought I'd join in anyway. Get into the habit of posting more often.

I am feeling like an April fool today. Mother Nature gave us a gorgeous spring day yesterday, with a warm sunny afternoon. Then the clouds came in, and a little rain. This morning, there's a blizzard outside and they say we'll get 5-10 cm of snow.

Really? Seriously? Yes. I've been had. I am definitely a fool today.

The good news is, the snow won't last. The majority of it is still melting when it lands and although some might accumulate, the sun will return soon and melt it all away.

I'm really envious of my friend Ann in Victoria. I bet it's warmer there.

April fools, every last one of us.

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