April 10, 2015

J is for Juxtaposition

What a word! In my mind it really fits its definition. It sounds like to different words being laid over one another. Like a clash between the hard Jux and the soft tion. It is also a great tool for a writer and a scientist. As a scientist, I need to put facts together, overlay them, to determine what pattern they present. Are these probably random occurrences or a trend? Does this happen exclusively with the other, or only most of the time? Which species are most often found in the same niche?

As a writer, it is a fantastic tool for making a story resonate with readers. Being able to take an emotion or reaction and paint it with something vivid and familiar can really suck a reader in. It makes for powerful messages that are blunt force trauma.

I still like the way it sounds. Juxtaposition.

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