April 13, 2015

M is for Momentum

I have been having a hard time building and maintaining momentum. I have several submission calls that I'm looking to write for, but the ideas have not been forthcoming. Well, that's not entirely true. I have ideas, I don't have plots. I can't seem to find the story in my ideas. It's a bit off putting. I also need to regain momentum on existing WIPs. Although there are posts for Mermaid from now until June, I haven't written anything new for that story in a while.
Momentum is mass times velocity. I'm used to having more mass and not enough speed to really get going. This is the opposite. I have a lot of velocity, my ideas and mind racing on ahead, but not enough mass to get a ball rolling. I need to flesh these idea, give them weight, and then I will really be pulling myself along.
Today, I'm going to the University to access their library and hopefully get a couple of this 3-7K word ideas fleshed into outlines. From there, it's easy.

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