April 28, 2015

Mermaid 31

“Will you lead me to my mother?” she wondered.
They didn’t answer, didn’t really look at her, pushing against the current toward the mountain.
Cordelia felt like crying. She’d been swimming so long, and now, when she found proof she was in the right place, she found no clues where to go next.
Drifting downstream, she let the current toss and turn her. There was no point in fighting. She had found the fish but still couldn’t find her mother. The fish parted so her passing wouldn’t interrupt them. They were completely focused on their destination unlike Cordelia who wasn’t sure what her destination was any more.”
“Up, up, up,” she thought she heard them say. She couldn’t be sure amid the rushing water and they didn’t answer her calls, just kept saying the same, “Up.”
Up. Up was where her mother was. Fighting exhaustion, wrestling with the current that threatened to wash her away completely, she fought her way up. She couldn’t quit now. She had to find her mother.

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