May 1, 2015

Mermaid 32

She was relieved to find a new break. It was different from the others, though. The nearness of the shores had frightened her, pressed on her, when she started up the river, but they had been so consistent that not being able to see the other side of the break was strange. This place was also deeper from the other breaks. A current ran through it, but a soft one, like the neap tide.
The strange fish abounded here, and these didn’t speak. They swam lazily in circles and Cordelia joined them, eager for a rest.
She screamed when a black creature reached into the water, swiping through the water like the dolphins swept through air. It was there long enough to be seen and was gone again.
Cordelia swam away from the shore with the fist, scattering. When they actually gathered again, she found the group was smaller.

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