May 15, 2015

Mermaid 36

“Who are you?”
Cordelia flipped in the water to face the merman. He couldn’t be much older than she was. He also had a blue tail and dark grey-brown hair that would blend into the lake bottom.
“This is my lake,” he told her. His voice was strange and he used words without clicks.
“I’m looking for someone.” Her words were conducted through the denser water, bouncing and rebounding off fish, the shore, the bottom, even particles in the water. Cordelia covered her ears.
The merman cringed but didn’t life his hands to his head. “There is only enough room for one in a lake. You must go.”
Cordelia chose her words carefully and spoke them softly. “My mother-“
“Isn’t here,” he interrupted. He circled her so he flick his tail and push her back toward the river. “Now go.”

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