May 29, 2015

Mermaid 40

Dylan turned back. “Don’t cry. It’s just the way it is.” He trailed off as he swam right up to Cordelia, their noses almost touching. “You are salty.”
She nodded covering her face to hide her tears. “I’m never going to find her.”
Dylan blew bubbles at her again, but he was so close that they tickled her fingers, cheeks and nose. “Who is your mother?” he asked, sounding tired or annoyed.
Dylan shrugged. “Nope, don’t know her, but we keep to ourselves, meeting only once in a while.”
Cordelia nodded in understanding. “You stay in your own lake.”
“Exactly.” He wrinkled his nose, blowing bubbles again. Cordelia wanted to tell him it was rude, but it felt so nice and friendly that she couldn’t. “I’ll help you as far as the next lake. Maybe Chara will help you from there.”
“You’ll help me?”
“Only through the rapids, then you’re on your own.”
Cordelia smiled and nodded, brushing her tail along his. “Thank you.”
“You are weird, Cordelia, not like anyone I’ve met.”
Cordelia stretched out on the lake bottom to sleep. “You are like my brother, Dallas. You want to get rid of me.”
“Yep,” he said. “We go in the morning.”

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