May 5, 2015

Mermaid 33

Cordelia popped through the surface, curious. She spun to make sure no humans were on the water. Once it was safe, she stared at the black creature walking on all four limbs. A fish hung from its mouth, tail still flapping. The killing didn’t bother the mermaid. In the water, everything was eaten by something else. NO, she had seen sea lions and walrus that were shaped like this creature, but nothing quite like it.
The black animal shook itself, water spraying in all directions.
Cordelia’s mouth dropped open. It had hair, like she did. No, this was different, shorter and covering limbs, face and tail, not just the head.
The longer she watched, the more furred creatures she saw. Some, with long front teeth, swam through the water as she did, but the surfaced more often than the sea creatures she was familiar with.
There were also ones with long, graceful limbs that waded in the shallow water. They nibbled and tore at the plants growing around the edge like she did.

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