April 14, 2015

N is for Nuts

I'm going to go into mom mode for a minute. My daughter's school has a 'no nut' policy, which I'm not really against, but it is damn inconvenient. She has two favourite sandwiches, peanut butter and jam or Nutella. Both have nuts. If it was just peanuts, then I could send Nutella, but as it is, she doesn't really have any protein in her lunch because anything I put in (sausage, sandwich meat, yogurt or cheese) just comes home again. Instead she has some goldfish crackers, lots of fruit and a pudding snack (which I make rather than buy, much cheaper and I can make small enough portions that next to none comes home.
I completely understand the need to avoid nuts with pre-school kids who may not know what is in their friends' lunch, but it is really a nuisance
in my life.

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