March 17, 2015

Mermaid 19

Her father lead her to the delta. "I wish I had something to give you, something to help you. I will miss you and worry the entire time you are gone. I know you will want to spend time with your mother, but once you've found the way, you can return, right? Come back so I know you're safe."
Cordelia hugged her father tight. She didn't want to admit how scared she was, how much she would miss him. Instead she said, "I will." Before she was ready, her father let go of her, turning back to the depths of the ocean. "Goodbye, Cordelia, and good luck."
"I love you, Dad," she said, but it was too quiet and he was too far away to hear. Then she was alone where the salt water began to mix with fresh. Alone at the edge of a new world. Taking a deep gulp of water, she flicked her tail, swimming into the mouth of the river.

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