January 29, 2017

#WeWriWa Cargon: Honor and Privilege #fantasy #scifi #postapocalyptic

Hello visitors! I'm glad you took the time to pop by blog and the Weekend Writing Warriors. I'm still new to this group, but they are fantastic and I hope you hop to all the other participants.
These are the next few lines from Cargon: Honor and Privilege. Prince Louis is  continuing to press his advantage on the servant, Eve.

He moved to place his hand on her again, and she leaned away to her left, twisting from him. Her skirts brushed his legs. Technically, she wasn’t allowed to touch him, and it was a loss of face for him to touch her. That didn’t stop him.
He continued to pursue her as she backed herself into the corner. He put his hands to either side of her head, trapping her effectively. Finally, unable to find another response, she turned her eyes level to his. In them, she held all of her hatred, her anger, his loss of honor. Would he continue to ignore the impropriety he was inflicting?

January 22, 2017

#WeWriWa Cargon: Honor and Privilege #fantasy #scifi #postapocalyptic

It's Sunday again, and I'm participating in another Weekend Writing Warriors blog hop! I want to apologize for some of my short replies last week. I was on my phone and unlike some, I'm not fast typing on it. Here is the next snippet from my post-apocalyptic renaissance. Eve is enjoying the class she has the privilege of attending. Well, she was enjoying it.

Her place was here, at the back, inconspicuous. She had done her duty if no one ever realized she was there.
She wasn’t that lucky.
“Server girl.”
Eve clenched her jaw and tried her best to prepare for what torment the Prince might have for her today.
Prince Louis put his nose to her hair. Inhaling deeply, he sighed. "Would you taste as wonderful as you smell, I wonder?" His hand traced down her side, just off her skin. It brushed the fabric of her skirt, and she stepped to the side.
He sidestepped with her, grinning now. "Skittish. I like that. Where will you jump to next?"

January 15, 2017

#WeWriWa Cargon: Honor and Privilege #fantasy #scifi #postapocalyptic

Hello fellow Weekend Writing Warriors. I'm new to your group and will kick things off with a few sentences from my debut novel, Cargon: Honor and Privilege. The second edition will be available in 2017 and I can't wait to share it.
This is from the opening chapter, opening scene. The setting is several centuries after the fall, in the midst of a second renaissance. Yes, a post-apocalyptic renaissance.

Standing at the back of the room, Eve was thrilled to be in the class even though her status prevented her from actively participating. The young adults in the seats were elite. Born to the wiliest, most intelligent people in Fontive. Eve, by contrast, was born to a cook and stableman. She served in the palace as her parents did, serving wine when the elite joined for dinner every evening. Attending this class was a gift beyond measure.
Although her intelligence matched or rivaled that of those seated, she wouldn’t be able to speak with them or sit among them. Her place was here, at the back, inconspicuous.

Hop around to all the Warriors, but I will remind you to note the abbreviations after each name. There are some Erotic (Er) blogs on the list. If you're under 18, or that's not your thing, you'll want to avoid those.