March 26, 2017

#WeWriWa Cargon: Honor and Privilege #fantasy #scifi #postapocalyptic

Apologies for not commenting last week. My family has been hit hard by this cold that just doesn't want to cut us a break. I'm sure I'll do better this week! You can find all the excellent participating authors on Weekend Writing Warriors, and I encourage you to do so. Each excerpt is only a few sentences (8-10).

Here's Eve responding to the High One.

Eve longed to ask, "How am I supposed to straddle between two worlds?" Instead she asked her original question, the one that had plagued her since the first night she watched the High One labor at the boards. "Is there no other who could perform this duty? One who understood the importance and took the proper care?"
"There is. I could ask you to do it." The High One chuckled wryly. "It has been done, but the High One who forgets to respect Cargon is destined to soon fall." Eve knew this to be the case, reading several histories about the most drastic changes resulting from the outcome of a single match. "This is the most ... manual of my responsibilities. I find I enjoy it." Her lips curled in a small smile.

March 19, 2017

#WeWriWa Cargon: Honor and Privilege #fantasy #scifi #postapocalyptic

Being addressed by the High One?! This is a big deal for Eve! Like meeting the president. Be sure to read all the snippets from the Weekend Writing Warriors

"You return." Despite the fact that she spoke to Eve, the servant did not answer. She hadn’t asked a question, after all. "Your studies progress well; I have been apprised." Eve felt her face flush. Bestowing the honor of instruction on her overwhelmed and now she continued to have an interest. "You have a question? Ask." the High One commanded.

March 12, 2017

#WeWriWa Cargon: Honor and Privilege #fantasy #scifi #postapocalyptic

Sunday is a great day for sharing. You can grab a snippet of so many stories and authors by visiting the Weekend Writing Warriors. Each of us has 8-10 sentences from a work, in progress or published. Mine is from Cargon: Honor and Privilege, the first in a trilogy. I am hoping to release the second edition soon.

Cargon came with powerful consequences. The winner, deemed highly intelligent, took the place of the loser. If the loser came from lower status, he was further shamed and deemed less competent. Likewise, a winner of higher status was further honored and more likely to test those above him. What surprised and frightened Eve was the tendency of spouses to shift with the results as though their status, unchanged, kept them with the elite of that position. The practice, although well documented, made no sense to Eve. For all her intelligence, she would never claim to ‘think’ like the elite.
After dinner, she lingered, watching the High One tend the board. It was strange to Eve that the highest among them would assume such a menial task, but she did the same every night. Eve was gobsmacked when, for the second time, the High One addressed her.

--note: the first was just before Eve started attending classes intended for the Elite.

Unrelated, I have another title re-releasing soon.

What if Ground Hog Day included zombies?
Cassandra survived the zombie apocalypse. She and other young survivors band together to search the desolate city for food, lodging, weapons, and hopefully, more survivors.
On one such rescue mission, the zombies get lucky and Cassandra is their victim. Instead of dying, though, Cassandra wakes up in her own past, days before the outbreak of the virus that turned all the adults to mindless monsters.
She has one chance to stop it all. Well, maybe more than one.

March 5, 2017

#WeWriWa Cargon: Honor and Privilege #fantasy #scifi #postapocalyptic

Thanks for coming back for another Sunday! I have eight sentences for you from my post-apocalyptic renaissance, Cargon. Now we know the reason for the title, the game! There are many authors with fantastic snippets for you at Weekend Writing Warriors so be sure to visit them all.

As she did every time she entered the dining hall, she stopped to regard the Cargon board. It’s three-tiered surfaces and thirteen pieces made up the game elite used to rank themselves, to prove their fitness for their roles. Her keen interest in the game, and proven understanding of its rules, had directly led to her assignment in the classes of the elite.
On Eve’s first night in the dining hall, the High One had ordered her to never touch the pieces. She would never forget that night. At the time, she couldn’t have imagined being noticed by someone so important, but the High One had spied her, gauged her interest, and tested her knowledge.
Every few weeks, one of the elite would challenge another at the end of dinner. It seemed tonight would not be one of those.