January 3, 2015

Mermaid 1

I'm trying something this new year. I once did well posting fanfiction serially. That is, I would post in advance of finishing a piece. Today, I'm starting a story based on an idea my daughter (age 8) gave me. She wants a mermaid story. Bear with me, as I'm sure this won't be a smooth ride, but I will try to post between 100-500 words twice a week. Let's see where it goes.

Cordelia chased Meri, her tail flicking as fast as she could. Her green scales blended into the algae floating in the water, though not as nicely as Meri's. Neither of them would draw notice from any of the people on the surface, their blue-green skin and green hair camouflaged them perfectly.
Meri had been Cordelia's friend since Cordelia had hatched, the tiniest of merfolk. Meri was already twice as long as Cordelia, a whole year older, but now, the two were not very different. Meri was still faster, though, which made this particular game a challenge.
Meri slipped into a reef of coral and Cordelia circled to slow herself.
"No fair!" she called. Meri practically lived in this particular reef and knew where all the openings were. Cordelia had only ever found one. Her home, with her father and brother, was in an old shipwreck. Meri had no trouble finding her way around Cordelia's house.

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