January 24, 2015

Mermaid 5

Cordelia toyed with the fish. She knew she should ask her father, but something made her hesitate.
"Anything wrong, Cordy?"
"No," she answered, stroking the mysterious fish. It didn't take her father long to notice it.
"What do you have there?" he asked, flipping his green tail and moving closer.
"Something Meri found. I've never seen one like it, but it's familiar. How can that be?"
Her father held out his hand and Cordelia gave him the fish. His eyebrows shot up and he gasped. "Where did Meri find this?"
"She said it fell from the people on the surface, off one of their boats. You do know it."
He frowned, looking angry, but his voice wasn't loud. "I don't know it," he said softly, "but I do recognize it."

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