January 17, 2015

Mermaid 3

Meri grabbed for the fish, but Cordelia held it tight.
"It's mine," Meri whined.
Cordelia blinked, chasing away thoughts and memories. Looking at the scales, the dead eye, she passed it back to her friend.
"I'm sorry. Of course it's yours."
Meri held the dead fish to her chest for a moment, hugging it. Then she looked at it again and wrinkled her nose. "If you want it..." She held it out to her friend.
Cordelia took it slowly, turning it over and over. Fish, rolling, blue.
"Are you okay?" Meri asked, touching Cordelia's shoulder. "I didn't think you would be this interested in it."
Cordelia shook her head and apologized again. "I'm sorry. There something familiar about it, even though I'm sure I've never seen one like it. How can that be?
Meri shrugged. "Think your dad would know?"
"It doesn't hurt to ask."

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