January 21, 2015

Mermaid 4

Taking the fish with her, Cordelia left Meri behind as she swam to the wreck and her family. Dallas was leading his pack of friends toward the same destination.
"Hey, little sis," he said, moving toward her. His friends followed and soon she was surrounded by bodies and tails. More than one brushed her as they passed.
"Hi, Dallas," she said without enthusiasm. "What are all of you doing here?"
"Hunting!" One shouted and then all the boys started yelling and chasing one another. Cordelia used the commotion to escape into the wreck.
"Dallas?" Father called. "Are you coming to further ruin our home?"
Cordelia laughed, imaging the boys doing just that. "Not yet," she answered, "but they are circling outside, waiting to strike."
Father emerged from his hidden corner of the wreck, his strong broad shoulders nearly brushing the collapsed opening. "Are they now? Well, I shall have to barricade you in here so they can't find you." His smile made light of the threat, teasing her.

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