June 5, 2015

Mermaid 42

As soon as they were in the lake, both Dylan and Cordelia sand, resting after the hard push to get here. Cordelia didn’t rest long.
“Something’s wrong.”
Dylan continued to flick his tail, stretching it. “Salt?” he asked, fearful.
Cordelia took a big gulp of water. “No, not salt. Something else.”
“We should find Chara,” Dylan said, restless.
“You feel it too, don’t you?” she asked.
“Yeah, there’s something…” He swam toward the opposite side of the lake. In no time, they were winding through reeds.
“Her lake is a lot smaller than yours,” Cordelia said.
“No, it’s not,” Dylan argued. “At least, it wasn’t. There weren’t this many reeds the last time I was here.”

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