June 16, 2015

Mermaid 45

“No wonder we stick to our own lakes.”
Cordelia floated above him, laughing. “That was nothing. I swam a lot longer to find your lake, and I didn’t have… whatever it was that we ate.”
“Arum,” he told her. “Well, I guess you’re a better swimmer than me. Maybe you don’t need my help.”
Cordelia immediately regretted teasing him. “No! I need you. You’re the first merman I’ve seen in days.”
He shrugged. “It’s been months since I saw Chara last. What’s wrong with that?”
Cordelia gaped. She knew they kept to their own lakes but, “You’re always alone?”
“Unless you have a mate and a big enough lake.” He stirred from the bottom. “This one might have a pair.”
“But how do you find mates if you never see one another?”
“It’s not that we never meet. Every spring we follow the salmon and meet in the mountains to celebrate the thaw.” He turned thoughtful. “I actually won’t be long now until folk start making their way. The river is high and the bears are awake. You might be saving me a trip.”
Cordelia didn’t understand, watching Dylan swim in slow circles. “Well, I’m going upriver soon anyway. Why not go now?”

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