June 9, 2015

Mermaid 43

Although the reeds were thick, their smooth tails didn’t catch in them. Cordelia’s hair got pulled, but that didn’t really slow her down. So when something grabbed her, she screamed.
He whipped around. “Get off her!” he shouted, swinging at the creature that held her. Dylan and the mermaid tumbled through the reeds.
Cordelia followed them and grabbed the mermaid by her waist, trying to pull her off Dylan.
“Food!” she shrieked, her voice painful to their ears. “Food!”
Cordelia wrestled her out of the reeds where they could see her properly. Her tail and skin were mottled blue, but green and black splotches marred both. Her hair wasn’t blue or brown but a sickly yellow-green.
“Pollution,” Cordelia said with scorn.
“Chara?” Dylan asked, approaching
Cordelia hadn’t let go, which was good when Chara tried to lunge at Dylan and bite.
Cordelia didn’t give her another chance. She pulled Chara into the river and let the current wash her away.

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