June 30, 2015

Mermaid 49

“She’s telling the truth. She’s definitely not from a lake. She didn’t know they freeze over.”
“Not all of them do,” Neville pointed out. “Looking at her though, she is rather green, isn’t she?”
Cordelia looked down at herself. Was there something wrong with her color?”
“Not terribly, but yet. Chara was green.” Now they were really eyeing her up.
“Look. I just want to find my mother. May I stay the night, to rest, and then I’ll go.”
Levi swam over to her, making circles around her neck the way she had done with her father when she was tiny. “I like her, Mom. Don’t make her go. She’s… salty.”
“She is,” Dylan agreed. “Especially when she gets upset like this.”
“I’m not upset,” she snapped back, but there were tears in her eyes.
The two merfolk came closer, sniffing the water. “That is so strange,” Vera murmured.
“Dylan, can you promise she doesn’t bring a sickness?” Neville asked.
“I haven’t gotten sick,” he told them.
“Very well, then you can rest here."

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